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The Ultimate Guide To TV Disposal in 2021

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The TV has considered a family’s one of the most valuable assets. Whether you live alone or with your parents, it is most likely that you will have a TV in the living room or drawing room, sometimes in multiple rooms. It is the hub of the room. Rather than passing our time outside, we find it better to stay home and watch TV often. However, old TV’s are thrown out these days as people are going for Smart TV and Androids. Therefore, it is time we came to know the right way of disposing of TV.

How To Dispose of an Old TV?

Old TVs are not only a burden to a family but also hazardous waste to the environment if not disposed of properly. Disposing of an old TV requires special attention as there are many harmful and delicate items inside it that can cause serious damage to humans and animals. You cannot dispose of it hastily. So, you need to know how to do the job properly.

But first, you must know how long your old TV is in working order?

In a way of giving back to the community and customers, Skip Hire South Dublin has thought of some options to efficiently dispose of your old TV.

Retailer Exchange

This is true that many retailers are offering product exchange services as a way of contributing to making the environment eco-friendly. So, you can find one of them who can exchange your old one for a new one, maybe adding some extra money with it and making sure they recycle it properly. However, these services from the retailers are to make sure the recycling and disposal have been done correctly by following the legal obligations. 

Some retailers find it generous to recycle and sell it to customers who are in search of old TV’s. This is a great act as the product is getting its full lifetime.


You can be really generous from your place and donate your old TV and save it from becoming an unnecessary waste. Just because your TV is outdated to you doesn’t mean it is outdated to all of them out there, so it’s worth taking the time and finding someone who will happily accept your TV as a donation. 

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Not sure if you want to do this on your own? There are so many charities out there that can do the job for you. Just, don’t dump it before it sees its full lifetime and donate it so someone who cannot afford a new one can make good use of it.


If the donation isn’t good enough for you, selling your old TV is another good option to prevent it from being a waste. Besides, instead of paying its disposal money, you are getting paid for it. You can try selling it traditionally by putting some ads or contacting your local third party sellers who will take a little amount of promotion for it.

For ads, you can use Social Media like Facebook to post some updates about it so it can draw attention.

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